Womb of the Universe

Hush, my child, sleep in safety

Darkness shows that mother’s near

All surrounding love and safety

Mother’s song dispels all fear

Hush, my child, in the silence

Feel the beat of mother’s heart

Though the universal longing

Soon shall pierce it with a dart

Hush, my child, on the journey

Far from home, a star shall lead;

Soul of Starlight burns within me,

Yet the mighty pay no heed

Hush, my child, Breath of Heaven

Come to take its breath from me

In the chilling dead of winter,

May you warm and sheltered be

Hush, my child, helpless infant,

Flow of Life and All that is,

Come to earth where least expected…

What will mark the end of this?

O, my child, hope of prophets,

Can the darkness know your light?

Darkness not of mother’s body

Nor the stillness of the night…

Darkness borne of Man’s own freedom

Blinding them to their own souls

Evil snuffing out the starlight,

Fire dying on the coals

Darkness fears the breaking sunlight,

Darkness would suppress the Son

Beat Him, mock Him, strip His glory,

The many launched against the One

Sleep, my child, in the darkness,

Sleep within your mother’s womb,

Chalice bearing blood I’ve given

And bones to lie within the tomb

But darkness cannot last eternal

With every dying comes rebirth

From out of darkness you are coming

A lumination to the earth

Sleep, my child, rest in safety

From womb and tomb, you shall arise

Our hearts shall beat as one forever

No death can unbind that which ties

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