The Annunciation

Ave, the spring of flower
And summer’s fern
Ave, the flow of river
And ice’s thaw
Ave, the walls of Nazareth
White as angel wings
Ave, the grace of seed
The death and the dawn
Ave, the hollowed earth
And Woman’s womb
Ave, all things reborn
The kiss of God and Man
Ave, the farmer’s sowing
And the sun’s ascent
Ave, the green of tree
And outstretched limbs
Ave, the cup that brims
And the heart that runs over
Ave, the lilies and the light
And the rough tongue speaking pure
Ave, the peasant girl
And the fear in her eyes
Ave, the soul unsullied
And the hands work-worn
Ave, the servant queen
And the lap of the dead
Ave, the fruit of the womb
And His bed of tawny straw
Ave, the fruit of the tomb
And His bed of winding sheets
Ave, the tears and the trembling,
And the Easter trumpets
Ave, the blue and gold
Of mantle and of halo
Ave, simple and the great
Earth and heaven, wedded one.

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