Hidden Queen

Look into the poorest eyes

And find the hidden queen

The pool of gracious light reveals

The depth of the Red Sea

And she will lead us through the waves,

The first upon dry ground

Find the highly favored one,

Work-chafed, oppression’s child,

Whose people felt the stinging lash

Yet heard the Word of God

And she has heard His whisper rise

On the harshness of the wind

Humble as the lowly earth

Noble as the sacred stars

Find in her the hymn of grace

And the ancient battle-cry

The Enemy is slain by her

For the keenest sword is pure

Vessel of the Breath of God

Dew of manna’s morn,

More uproarious than the quake

That brought down Jericho

The mighty have their overthrow

Through a fragile desert flower

Her soul becomes the mirror glass

Reflecting Lord of Hosts

Her voice, the harp of David’s psalms

A royal treasure shared

Fairest of the human race,

Bear the Saving Fruit!

Dove of peace and healing hand,

Light our candles tall

For long’s the night of wanderers

And you must guide us home

Find us, daughter of the dawn,

Guide us to the Light!

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