Two Worlds

Two Worlds

Yet friend-bound

Two minds

Yet heart-bound

By accident, almost

Conversing, sometimes brokenly

Translating, sometimes poorly

Yet we understood enough

To laugh

To long

To care

And sometimes I don’t know

What clay has molded you,

What sun has melted you,

Though you are human

And so am I

Brother and sister, we’ve teased

Yet sometimes it frightens me

For you see the world

Through eyes with different focus

Sometimes, I think, a blindness

And you would bay for blood

Upholding the law

Ancient law, it’s true

Harsh as the heat beating down

And you see no contradiction

In the blood on the sand

And our smirking banter

No, you are from another world

Another time, almost

Yet in this one…

To many that is the terror

You, and your ways,

Something from an old realm

And there be dragons

And we recoil

For such things should have passed,

Or so we say, in haughtiness

As if inoculations cure all

But we both have our own ways

Side by side

Two worlds

And worse, you believe it

Yes, you do, no false show

You’ve terribly good intentions

Frighteningly so

You believe this is the way of God

And you will be judged,

You and your land,

By the justice of the scarlet sand

It is strange how different we have become

I find myself

Half-admiring, half-recoiling

For we’ve become the rationalists

We’ve become the cynics

We’ve said

“God is dead”,

And gone on to commit our murders

Yet prefer our hands clean

And our liberality in check

Perhaps here nothing’s sacred

Yet your sacredness scares me

Part of me fears the cut of you

The brutality you live with

Or that lives with you

And the other part knows more

It cannot make a monster of you

No matter the war of worlds

No, humanity is complex

Just as friendship is

Perhaps only God is fitting

To judge it, judge us

To give us the wisdom

To change it, change us

To know how far is too far

And how far is not far enough

Perhaps only He can light our hearts

Guide us on the way forward,

A way to honor Him

While seeing ourselves

In the face nearest to us

And to know that life

Is of greater worth

Than blood

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