Advent Reed

Our Blessed Lady is meek,
but in a way that inherits the earth,
a humility that is exalted,
a simplicity than reigns,
Like the gleam of star over sea
And the lullaby over a child

Our Blessed Lady is mild,
But in a way that makes hearts bleed,
A gentleness that is strength,
A mercy that is mighty,
Like the brilliance of the morning rising,
And the the greening of the spring

Our Blessed Lady is pure,
But in a way that melts shackles off,
A flame that is white as the snows,
A soul like a smudgeless glass,
Like the cry of a new baby born
And the streams that once were ice

Our Blessed Lady is virgin,
But in a way beyond man’s touch,
A soul in single service,
A body that conforms in full,
Like the purpose of a warrior’s sword
Or the reed that plays its melodies

Our Blessed Lady is a queen,
But in a way that empties out,
An empress with eyes cast down,
A peasant maid turned song of God,
Like Gabriel’s words spark fire
And the moon sheds her grace

Our Blessed Lady bears life’s seed,
But in a way that blossoms God
A golden lamp that shield His flame,
An ivory vase that brims His wine,
Like justice kissing mercy,
And heaven wedding earth

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