The Song That Never Sleeps

We will remember

The “failures”

The “losers”

The “rejects”

Who dared to be more

Then others allowed

In the smallness of their minds

Victory in failure

Forever holds true

If met with the sword

Of steel-blue intent

And the sparks

Of blood-red passion

Yield and overcome

Songs can never die

Nor do beliefs

Sincerely held

That prove to be

Of lasting worth

Let the small birds

Give chase to the hawks

Let the acorns

Sprout into oaks

Let the wood

Make bows for arrows

And the feathers

Straight-shot shafts

Let them sing

The rebel song

That never sleeps

Whistling through the air,

Blowing in the wind…

Outlaw Prince,

In forest or in moor,

We will hide you

In our hearts

A shadowy reflection

Of a Greater Prince

Undone for our souls

A “Fool on a Hill”

Whose challenge lives

In every breath we take

Rise up, Mockingjay,

Some fires never die

Some waters never dry

And the Land of Dreams,

Of Avalon’s silver branches

With sap of amber

And nuts of wisdom,

Need never sleep

Let them mark us out

As “failures”

As “losers”

As “rejects”

And we will stand firm

With hands joined

Let our crosses

Dot the hills

For every seed planted

Must first die

And then emerge

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