Longbows & Rosary Beads: Book 1

Saplings of Sherwood

“I dreamt of a wild wolf and a swift stag, blessing a sapling among the trees. It’s a sign you’ll make our people proud.”


The setting is late 12th century England. Robin Locksley is the heir to the last Saxon noble house in Nottinghamshire, and Roger Cavendish is the son of the power-hungry Norman landholder living alongside them.

They are neighbors, each bearing different burdens, each struggling to make their mark on the world, each defined by the color of their eyes, sky blue and hawk gold. And when one is yet a child, and the other hardly a man, they are set against one another.

Destiny will make both live forever in story and song.

Unfolding in an era of feudal conflict, social unrest, and religious faith, this coming-of-age drama mirrors a medieval mystery play, and puts flesh and blood upon the bones of legend.