Dewi Sant

St. David used his power When his mother was in labor And soldiers came to slay her But hailstorms drove them back But he would not use his power To stop the warring Saxons That poured across the country To plunder and attack St. David used his power To make himself a pulpit From valley turned to hilltop That rose up from the sod But he would not use his power To warm the freezing water That rushed down from the mountains Where he would pray to God St. David used his power To heal his teacher’s blindness By laying … Continue reading Dewi Sant

Advent Reed

Our Blessed Lady is meek,but in a way that inherits the earth,a humility that is exalted,a simplicity than reigns,Like the gleam of star over seaAnd the lullaby over a child Our Blessed Lady is mild,But in a way that makes hearts bleed,A gentleness that is strength,A mercy that is mighty,Like the brilliance of the morning rising,And the the greening of the spring Our Blessed Lady is pure,But in a way that melts shackles off,A flame that is white as the snows,A soul like a smudgeless glass,Like the cry of a new baby bornAnd the streams that once were ice Our … Continue reading Advent Reed


Hear the bells break the silence Shatter it to the bone Hear the old world dying Withering like the fig tree Holy violence storms the soul And penetrates the temple veil The heavens are unhinged Flooding earth with song, The melody of Eden’s innocence That wove the first red dawn It bursts, it bounds, a ball of light A star, that guides the searcher, And sheep with their lambs This is the Nativity of all that is The Triune Council and Bethlehem’s Babe Earth’s kings in their glory tremble But the bruised reeds are healed Go out to the corners … Continue reading Nativity

Christ in a Waiting Room: An Early Spring Spiritual Epiphany

The painting showed the body of Christ being taken down by the cross, about to be placed in the arms of the sorrowing mother, and all at once I imagined the tears trickling down her face and the blood trickling from his heart, and it felt that everything around me dissolved in that one moment. Continue reading Christ in a Waiting Room: An Early Spring Spiritual Epiphany