Gloria: A Hunger Games Fanfic

Christmas. It’s an old word from an old world. Oh sure, some people still celebrate smatterings of it in Panem, but it’s not as if they remember much of the story that started it all, not really. It’s just old-fashioned nostalgia, some antique card or decorative glass ball, maybe a stocking hung up by the fireplace, God knows why. For over seventy years, the Capital … Continue reading Gloria: A Hunger Games Fanfic

Love is Not an Accident

Love is not an accident Of chemicals that crossed in space It flows from Everlasting Choice And rushes with a Timeless Grace For out of nothing, nothing comes Yet that which fills can never drain It is the essence of the soul The proof of some transcendent plain Random reactions ne’er could weave The surge of passions, strength of will The beauty heard in Nature’s … Continue reading Love is Not an Accident

Womb of the Universe

Hush, my child, sleep in safety Darkness shows that mother’s near All surrounding love and safety Mother’s song dispels all fear Hush, my child, in the silence Feel the beat of mother’s heart Though the universal longing Soon shall pierce it with a dart Hush, my child, on the journey Far from home, a star shall lead; Soul of Starlight burns within me, Yet the … Continue reading Womb of the Universe