Dewi Sant

St. David used his power When his mother was in labor And soldiers came to slay her But hailstorms drove them back But he would not use his power To stop the warring Saxons That poured across the country To plunder and attack St. David used his power To make himself a pulpit From valley turned to hilltop That rose up from the sod But … Continue reading Dewi Sant

A Man for All Seasons: An Anthem

Foolish men have prattling tongues Yet the wisest use no words Purest songs go unsung Though the din, though the din Is heard Foolish men seek out a name Yet the wisest hold their own Set aside without shame Standing strong, standing strong Alone What’s the price, what’s the price Of God’s truth? What’s the sum, what’s the sum Of Man’s worth? Wild winds are … Continue reading A Man for All Seasons: An Anthem